This Was Us

On February 3, 2000, Americans witnessed a media event that had, until not long before, seemed wholly unlikely.  That day, Vince McMahon, he of World Wrestling Federation (now World Wrestling Entertainment) fame, was sitting in front of the cameras to talk about professional football.   What ever happened to football? He asked the cameras, rhetorically. […]

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Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  Lots of great things ahead this week.  Here’s what’s in store: -Work on Samarkand will continue this week.  I feel really good about this week.  Not since Wide Horizon has a story been so captivating to me, and I’m eager to see see where it leads me. It’s still hard to believe […]

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Things Present, Things Past

           It was spring now, but in an instant, in the blink of an eye, it would be autumn.  The passage of time no longer held meaning.  From his vantage point, atop the precipice between the universe and what distant possibilities lie beyond, he stood and looked up and down the […]

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New Direction

Hello again, dreamers.  It’s been quite a week, as my writing has taken a surprising and exciting turn.  As of this week, Pathfinder, the new novel I’ve been working on since finishing Wide Horizon, has been shelved indefinitely. Now, that may sound grim, but I implore those of you who’ve already read parts of Pathfinder […]

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The Junk Drawer

Hello dreamers.  It was a slow day in the Junk Drawer this week, which I will explain in a subsequent post this evening.  However, I still put in a bit of work on a few of my side projects.  Here’s what I worked on this week: As it had been a while, I put in […]

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In Review: The Expanse

Science fiction, it is safe to say, is all the rage these days, and I for one couldn’t be happier.  What began with the rising popularity of young adult science fiction (YASF) in the late 2000s has now led to an explosion of new works.  From film and television adaptations of popular YASF works, including The […]

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The World in 2094: Global Climate

By 2094, the global climate has largely normalized following the two decade nuclear winter that followed the Pacific War. While global temperatures have normalized, and global warming has ceased (due to the nuclear winter as well as the abandonment of fossil fuels in the late 2040s), the planet’s ecology is precarious. Vast tracts of land […]

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Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  I’ve been feeling better and better about my writing of late, especially with a recent wave of inspiration for several of my current projects.  Here’s what’s in store for this week: -While my writing of Pathfinder has slowed of late, this is out of necessity.  For some time, I’ve felt that the […]

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The World in 2094

When trying to write a hard science fiction novel in our modern times, attention to detail is key.  Specifically, details of everyday life are crucial.  How do average people live in the future?  How do they speak?  What do they eat?  What happens in an average day for them? After watching The Expanse recently, these questions […]

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