Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  I’ve been feeling better and better about my writing of late, especially with a recent wave of inspiration for several of my current projects.  Here’s what’s in store for this week:

-While my writing of Pathfinder has slowed of late, this is out of necessity.  For some time, I’ve felt that the story was lacking depth.  In my rather single-minded effort to advance the story, I feel I’ve largely neglected the minor, personal details that really make a science fiction novel believable.  Thus, I’ve begun a comprehensive set of notes entitled “The World in 2094”.

This file explores the realities of life in the late-21st century.  Over the course of my writing this far, I’ve been thorough in my description of space travel, yet I’ve neglected the small-scale details.  How do people live in the 2090s?  How do they speak, or interact?  What do they eat?  What role does technology play in their lives?  Such questions are important, and in their answering lies the key to helping Pathfinder take on a life of its own.

-Junk Drawer day has been an event of late, though this may be a product of my recent frustration with Pathfinder.  While that, I hope, has ended, rest assured I will not be neglecting my other projects.

Recently, two projects in particular have commanded my attention: Ashes and Breaker.

Ashes has been going very well.  I’m particularly happy with the first chapter, which ultimately became a conversation between the two artificial intelligences that run the massive colony ship, the Crucible.

Breaker, on the other hand, may be going through some conceptual changes; while the story still revolves around a teenager in Baraboo, Wisconsin, I’m not certain that this will ultimately work as YASF.  Carrie, Stephen King’s debut novel, revolved around a teenage protagonist, yet was intended for an adult audience.  That may be a better direction.  More to come.

-On the short fiction front, I’ve made great progress over the past month.  One of my short stories, The Spaceman, is coming along very well, though it has already passed 3,000 words, and will surely become my longest short story to date.  I hope to finish the story this week, as well as put in some quality work on several other outstanding projects.

Needless to say, this promises to be an exciting week, dreamers.  I’ll keep writing, you keep reading, and let’s all keep dreaming together.


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