In Closing: Short Fiction Month

Matt Inman, the cartoonist behind the humor website The Oatmeal, once likened the creative process to breathing.  In his analogy, he described the act of creative writing as constantly inhaling.  It is important, yes, but sooner or later, one must stop to exhale. After spending the better part of three years writing my novel, Wide […]

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Do We Need to Evolve?

Rest assured, there are other worlds like ours. Thousands, even hundreds of thousands…millions, even? In our galaxy alone. Some may not be exactly like Earth; more nitrogen, less oxygen or water, more argon. They might be a little larger, a little warmer or cooler. But really, that’s hardly an issue. So you’ll be a little […]

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Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  I hope those who follow my regular posts enjoyed my latest short story, The Rectifier.  More to come this week.  Here’s what’s in store: Short Fiction Month 2017 My productive month continues.  As of today, I’m pleased to report that I have completed another of my recent short stories.  This one will be […]

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Weekly Update

Been an exciting week, dreamers.  Feeling good about my writing again. Short Fiction Needless to say, I have a lot of new pieces of short fiction I’m working on. My primary focus right now is a new short story called “Presence”.  The story takes place in the foreseeable future, at a point st which mankind […]

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The Rectifier

     It had been ages immeasurable since the time of man. The great creators had left, their cities surrendered to the elements as they shed their mortal constraints, and as beings of pure thought and energy, vanished into distant dimensions inconceivable. For so long, the Earth had been silent; trees and vines had crept across […]

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Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  At last, I feel that I’m hitting my stride again, and I hope to follow one productive week with another.  Here’s what’s in store this week: Short Fiction Month My personal 2017 short fiction extravaganza continues this week. Thanks to my return to my daily sketches, I have a bevy of fresh […]

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