A Thinker’s Game

Torrnex rolled his upper set of eyes.  “And why are we doing this again?” “It’s a game,” Xeenax replied with a wide smile. “A game,” Torrnex parroted back, derisively.  “And where did you pick this one up?” “On Earth,” Xeenax answered, eliciting another eye roll. “Humans do this?” Torrnex shot back, mockingly.  “I might have guessed!  So […]

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San Ignacio

It seemed familiar.  From the terracotta roofs to the arched windows, the crush of the city blocks, it might have been a sleepy town in Spain or his native Oaxaca.  But the town, and the buildings, were not even so old as he was. It had been ten years since Raúl left Oaxaca, and Earth, […]

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