Never Forget

They came from all walks of life. Bankers, lawyers, factory workers, young and old. They had hopes and dreams, lives stretched ahead of them. They had mothers, sisters, wives, and children. Yet when the world changed in an instant they steeled their resolve, put down their lives and off they went. They traded their suits […]

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Reading Day

Each week, I devote part of my Sunday to reading.  I tend to accumulate a lot of saved links on Facebook during the week, and I like to try to keep up with what fellow writers are posting here on WordPress.  At the end of my reading day, I like to put up a post […]

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It was hard to believe that he’d ever been unable to fly. Once, when his hair was blond, Abel had never even seen a plane before.  Then, after Pearl Harbor, everything changed, and he was pulled from his farm and his family and shipped off to a field in Texas.  It was there that he’d […]

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