The World in 2094: Global Climate

By 2094, the global climate has largely normalized following the two decade nuclear winter that followed the Pacific War. While global temperatures have normalized, and global warming has ceased (due to the nuclear winter as well as the abandonment of fossil fuels in the late 2040s), the planet’s ecology is precarious. Vast tracts of land across North America, Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East remain heavily irradiated. Indeed, nuclear strikes on the Middle East were so severe as to bring about the collapse of most major governments, ultimately paving the way for an urbane, socialist Democratic Arab Republic.

Luckily, by this point new technologies have been devised to clean up the vast “Restricted Zones”, allowing for reclamation. Efforts to clean up such zones in the United States, Africa, and Asia are expected to be complete by the early 2110s. Due to these areas remaining irradiated, however, vast tracts of the United States remain uninhabitable. This, coupled with the harsh realities of living in an economically-crippled and highly-conservative nation, has led thousands of Americans to emigrate to space stations orbiting Earth, or to Lunar 1 in orbit of Selene or the growing colonies on Mars. This event, known as the “American Diaspora”, has filled the ranks of ESA with US citizens, and led to the populations of most space stations being disproportionately American


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