The World in 2094

When trying to write a hard science fiction novel in our modern times, attention to detail is key.  Specifically, details of everyday life are crucial.  How do average people live in the future?  How do they speak?  What do they eat?  What happens in an average day for them?

After watching The Expanse recently, these questions wore heavily upon me.  It occurred to me that I hadn’t really thought much about these minor details, yet these are the simple things that make a story more believable.  And in science fiction, believable means relatable.

This revelation has led, ultimately, to the creation of a new, comprehensive set of notes for me, simply titled “The World in 2094”.  In this file, I’ve set myself to the vital task of outlining how humans live their lives in the late 21st century.

Already the task has been rewarding; I’ve gained fresh insights into how my characters function on a daily basis, how they live and interact with others.

Over the coming week, I will be making periodic posts that will give my devoted dreamers a privileged glimpse into the lives of the characters in Pathfinder.  Hopefully, this will afford my readers a greater understanding of my somewhat unorthodox vision of the future.  Until then, as always, dare to dream.


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