The Junk Drawer

Hello dreamers.  It was a slow day in the Junk Drawer this week, which I will explain in a subsequent post this evening.  However, I still put in a bit of work on a few of my side projects.  Here’s what I worked on this week:

As it had been a while, I put in some work on one of my oldest projects.  Farworlds will be an alternate history work of soft science fiction.  Set in an alternate reality in which the Roman Empire never fell, the first novel revolves around a small group of smugglers struggling against the Triumvirate: a brutal military autocracy.  The main character, Malcolm McDowell, is an honest freight hauler working on the edges of Triumvirate space, when his ship is seized by the smugglers.

Farworlds was loosely inspired by Frank Herbert’s masterpiece Dune, which has long been my favorite novel.  However, since its inception the story has evolved considerably.  Most of what I’ve done has been conceptual; the first page of the initial installment was written years ago, and discarded not long after.  I briefly considered writing a bit of the story today, but with my (new) main project gathering steam, I feared getting too far into Farworlds would harm my new novel.  

While I tried to write more of Ashes, lately my new project has been consuming my thoughts.  I’m very happy with what I have so far, but I may not be writing much more in the near future.

While my side projects may be languishing as I shift focus, the Dotopedia has benefited from my new direction.  Today, I managed to significantly expand this all-important set of notes, fleshing out some important background for both my current PBD novel and future installments.

That’s all for the Junk Drawer this week, dreamers.  Watch for my next post, in which I will better explain my new direction.


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