Here with Me

It ached when she wasn’t near, even when she slept beside him.  He’d fall asleep watching her, lulled by the sound of her breath, yet in the night he’d reach over to hold her and she would be gone, half a world away.  He missed her warmth, the feel of her skin, he yearned after […]

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The stench was overwhelming. It filled his nose and stuck to his clothes, setting him to retching as he covered his mouth.  The gulls didn’t seem to mind, though, as they picked merrily away at the rotting meat and blubber hanging from the putrid carcass. Another one.  He’d gotten the call, and arrived to find […]

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“Do we really need umbrellas?” “We always walked with them back home,” Melissa replied.  Lana never seemed to appreciate the value of tradition.  In this strange place, it was all they had to tie them to what they’d left behind. The two walked side-by-side along a stone path, as the sea of green around them […]

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