We Gather Together

As the autumn leaves blew, the sounds of toil and mirth intertwined, carried with the scent of roasting venison on the wind. It was cold, the stiff breeze wafting through the tiny copse of houses, clustered together as though raccoons huddled for warmth. The days had grown chilly and brief; soon the snow would come, […]

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Where could they be going in such a hurry? He wondered that every day, as he stood in the soaking rain on slick tarmac.  Every day was spent under a murky sky, pelted by rain as he hoisted filthy hoses that pumped gallons of J1-A into the planes.  There were so many: sleek 737s, stark […]

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Writer’s Desk

Hello, dreamers.  March was a wonderful month, but now it’s time to move forward.  On we go… Pathfinder There is much to be done.  After taking time to recharge, it’s time once again to work on my next novel.  My overall concept for Pathfinder has changed drastically, but for the best, I believe. While there […]

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The Hard Land of the Winter

Every Friday this month, I will be posting an original work of short fiction. The Hard Land of the Winter The wind howled, even through the heavy doors it bayed and roared.  Its wispy tendrils lashed at the doors like whips, slamming against them as though the clawed hands of a great beast, pushing and […]

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At the End

This was one of the first daily sketches I wrote after deciding to pursue writing in earnest.  With my daily writing, I often try to challenge myself, writing types of scenes I typically wouldn’t write.  As much of what I write tends to be optimistic sci-fi, I found this down-to-earth, grave story to be an […]

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