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Wide Horizon

For thousands of years mankind spread out across the heavens, exploring the galaxy, until they encountered the Others: the only other intelligent species known to inhabit our galaxy.  Unwilling to communicate or even show their faces, they embarked on a genocidal campaign to eradicate mankind, and nearly succeeded.  The remaining survivors retreated to Earth, where they built a massive dyson sphere (known as “The Lock”), sealing off the inner planets and hiding the sun from the Others.  

Three thousand years later, the survivors of mankind continue to live confined to the Lock.  Human civilization and technology have regressed and declined, and though few realize it, the human race is near to an extinction brought about not by disease or war, but rather stagnation and apathy.  In effect, humanity has collectively given up.

Born into this grim reality, Braylen Roads lives his life as most humans do: blissfully unaware that he is a member of a species in decline.  A starship captain in Earth’s security force, he’s content to live out his life going about his mundane duties, until a chance encounter with the mysterious Declan March sets him on a mission to venture beyond the Lock, and reclaim man’s place among the stars.


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