WIP Wednesday

Hello, dreamers.

With Pitch Wars creeping ever closer, I haven’t forgotten about my current work-in-progress. As such, today I officially began work on Phase 2 of the new novel. There are still things to sort out, but I now have a much better idea of where everything is headed.

That said, here’s the latest on my current work-in-progress:

Dawn of the Pioneers

As with The Pioneers, Phase 2 of Dawn of the Pioneers will be crucial. The plot has evolved rapidly over the past week, but I feel I have a much more interesting, engaging piece to work with now.

The biggest trick thus far has been trying to stick to the plan. The basic idea for this novel has been in the works for years, but I’ve been trying hard to maintain the general feel of The Pioneers. It hasn’t been easy, but in writing it’s important to blaze new ground. You can’t keep telling the same story over and over. You need new challenges, new settings, and new characters to allow the story to develop and grow.

Thus, I will be blazing a lot of new ground with Phase 2. New locations, new sources of conflict and drama, and more than one new character. I’m also considering a new (and by necessity brief) love interest for my main character. But, we shall see how things develop.

You always have to be willing to take risks, and to break from the path when needed. And I think ultimately that understanding has put me back on the right track with this novel.

I have a lot to do, and Phase 2 will surely take some time. So read on, and dare to dream. – MK

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