WIP Wednesday

Hello, dreamers.

Work continues apace on Dawn of the Pioneers. The more I write this story, the more I love it, and it’s starting to flow now. I love every minute of this. However, difficult decisions lie ahead: the coming chapters will bring new characters, new challenges, and finally a change of scenery for my protagonist, Randall Holmes.

There’s lots to do, so here’s an update on my current work-in-progress

Dawn of the Pioneers

This has been a lot of fun. I had my doubts about writing a sequel, but I hadn’t anticipated how much I’d enjoy placing familiar characters in unfamiliar places, or unfamiliar roles. It feels good to be back on Denali, and seeing more of the planet than I ever had before.

It’s been an interesting experience; when I wrote The Pioneers, I worked to keep my focus narrow, focusing on a small region of the planet. Now, this new novel has forced me to reach out, and learn more about this world I’ve created. And it’s even more diverse and beautiful than I had anticipated. However, a critical moment approaches…

The coming chapter (which I’ll likely be writing tonight) will serve as the climax of Phase 1. A lot will happen, and I’ll be forced to make some decisions regarding the direction of the story, decisions I’d been putting off. Much of the action will stem from Randall Holmes and his companions paddling down a desert river, searching for the source of a potential ecological disaster. And like Holmes, I plan to let the current take me, and see where it leads.

It’s been a lot of fun already, but the story of Randall Holmes is far from over. So keep reading, and dare to dream. – MK

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