WIP Wednesday

Hello, dreamers.

What a difference a day makes. So far tonight, I’ve managed over 1,500 words on my work-in-progress, and I’m not done for the night. It’s finally happening: I’m being pulled into a project, swept away to another place and time. And it’s exhilarating.

The story is finally coming together. As I’d surmised, I’d gotten to the point where I really needed to start writing to figure out exactly where the story was heading. And while I still have questions moving forward, it’s starting to write itself. It’s ceasing to be a collection of notes and ideas, and becoming a world.

With that said, here’s an update on my current work-in-progress:

Rise of the Pioneers

Given the pace I carried through most of The Pioneers, part of me is disappointed in the amount I’ve written tonight. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was The Pioneers. Considering I found myself wondering if I was actually ready to write this book as recently as yesterday, I consider this a success.

Right now, much of the story has been devoted to character development. It’s an interesting concept: character development for character’s I’ve been working with so long they feel like old friends. In a way, as Randall Holmes and William Ford catch up over drinks in the Mensa at Chimney Rock, I feel like I’m catching up with them, too. I’m finding out what they’ve been up to, how they’ve grown and changed as individuals, and how each has come to terms with the death of someone both of them held dear.

The bad news is, I’m still not entirely sure where this phase of the novel is ultimately headed. The good news is, based on what I have so far and what I’m planning, I have at least a day or two before I have to worry about that. At the rate things are going, I’m sure I’ll know where I’m going when the time comes.

So far, writing this novel has felt like coming home. It’s good to be back at Chimney Rock, draped in the seasonal rains of the Sanctuary Valley.

As it is for Holmes, for me it feels good to be home again.

Much remains to be done, but this is a good start. And at this juncture, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Keep reading, and as always, dare to dream. – MK

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