Short Story Saturday

Hello, dreamers.  It’s been a while since I made one of these posts, but with the new year beginning and college football season drawing to a close, I felt the time was right to resume my Short Story Saturday posts.

For most of the year, I devote each Saturday to short fiction.  I find it helps keep things fresh, offering me a break from my current work-in-progress while allowing me to work on various short fiction projects.  After spending most of the week playing the long game, it can be refreshing to work on different things in the same day, all of which can be drawn swiftly to a close.

Once I’ve finished work for the day, I like to highlight a few of my stories.  Here are a few I’ve worked on of late:

The Receiver

This was one I’d been working on for quite a while.  I really love this story, and I was very happy to finish it.

The Receiver takes place in 2028, nearly a decade after a massive alien spacecraft mysteriously appeared over the central Atlantic.  The story revolves around David Tempel: a scientist assigned to operate a device known only as “the receiver” in order to attempt to communicate with the beings that built the craft, and determine if they are even aboard.  By this point, humans have been attempting to communicate for seven years with virtually no success.  But for David, things go very differently, leading him into the greatest adventure any human has ever undertaken.

As I said, I really love this story.  As I really believe in this one (and it’s been a while since I had a fresh manuscript to shop around), I intend to try to get this one published.  As such, it may be a while before it finds its way here, if at all.  But rest assured, somehow, at some point, my readers will be able to enjoy The Receiver.


This story was one of several to arise from my spout of short fiction leading up to NaNoWriMo this year.  As I wanted to start the year off with a short story, I decided to post it here once it was complete.  For anyone who’s yet to read it, you can follow the link above.

Time follows Rasiel, a starship captain, whose mysterious scientific cargo malfunctions in transit.  This leaves Rasiel in a peculiar situation, falling slowly backwards from an explosion occurring in slow motion due to time dilation.


Another of my October stories, this one was recently completed, though I feel it still has a ways to go before it’s ready for publication.

Firestorm revolves around a starship commander, John, who commands the Venera: a specially-designed research vessel intended to study the atmospheres of stars.  When the story begins, John is in a tight spot, adrift in his spacesuit with a powerful solar flare approaching.  Much of the story deals with his slow process of making peace with his fate, until hope materializes at the last minute.


That does it for this week’s Short Story Saturday.  I plan to continue these posts for the foreseeable future, so check back each Saturday for a fresh update on my latest short stories.  And as always, dare to dream. – MK



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  1. I haven’t had a chance to read Time yet, but I’m eagerly looking forward to it. Best of luck with The Receiver. BTW Galaxy’s Edge will be reopening to querying on 1/15.

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