Dear Sir or Madam

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have this weekend for my customary weekend posts, but regardless I felt the time was right to finally make this announcement.  The time has come at last: early next week I will be entering in Pitch Wars, to begin the process of seeking publication for my debut novel, Wide Horizon.

I’ll admit, it’s a moment I never really thought would come.  Obviously, one does not go to the trouble of writing an entire novel unless publication is the goal.  But when I set out to do this, five years ago, publication seemed like a distant dream.  Now, it’s happening.  I find myself embarking on what will most likely be a long, excruciating process, one that can only end with a book deal and my words in print at last.

As such, I’ve devoted much of the past week to getting things in order: writing a query letter, a synopsis, picking target mentors for Pitch Wars.  Luckily, between Pitch Wars’s own website and my fellow writers on Twitter, I’ve found numerous valuable resources for this process.  Still, it’s been daunting, summarizing a novel I took two years to write.  And this is something I must get right.  A lot is riding on this.

Once Pitch Wars begins early next week, I will try to post weekly updates on the process.  Depending on how far I make it, the process could take several months, and during that time I will be communicating with potential mentors (or eventually a mentor willing to take me on), refining my manuscript and other materials.  As such, no doubt my output on other projects will drop, but ultimately I believe it will be worth it.

Tomorrow, prior to setting off for a bit of travel, I will be doing something I’d been planning for years now: the Last Call.  I will go over my query letter, my synopsis, and read through the entire manuscript, making whatever final tweaks are necessary.  Any changes will, by necessity, be minor.  At least for now, the time for reworking is past.  The time has come to let my work stand for itself.

Here goes nothing. – MK


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  1. That’s okay. I don’t always have a lot of time for reading. 😉

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