WIP Wednesday

Hello, dreamers.  Not a lot to report this week on the work-in-progress, as I’ve been devoting most of my time and efforts to preparing Wide Horizon for publication.  However, that’s not to say I’ve been idle.  I still have things to say, so here it is:

The Pioneer

As planned, I’ve taken a week off from active writing on my work-in-progress.  I’ve found it’s important to take a step back every so often and reassess everything I’ve written thus far, and as such I waited until the past few days to look over the WIP.  However, I’m happy with how it went.

This was only an initial read-through of phases one and two.  While I made changes, I limited myself mostly to minor revisions, as I really wanted to just read through and check the flow and continuity, noting problem spots along the way.  Overall, I was actually surprised at how satisfied I am with my work thus far.  Perhaps most surprising was what I really liked: the second half of phase two.

On the whole, I’m happy with phase one, though there are spots that will likely need some work.  The opening chapters of phase two were troublesome, and may need some more extensive reworking (especially the chapter introducing both the planet and the administrative board of the colony).  But I was very happy with the most recent chapters: the portion of phase two that takes place mostly on the planet.

I’d been worried about that.  Those formative chapters are the reader’s first glimpse of the planet, intended to show both the dangers of this alien world as well as its beauty and potential.  Perhaps more importantly, they introduce the three characters who will remain at the center of the action the rest of the way, and show the bond that forms between them.  That, plus two harrowing action scenes, meant I really needed to get this right.  And, after only minor reworking in some parts, I feel I have done that.  I like where things are, I like the way the story has played out.  And I find myself once again more excited than intimidated looking forward.

Once again, when I reached the end of one phase of the story I feared I lacked a clear path forward, but once again I find myself instead rapidly brainstorming.  A clear path is emerging through the next phase of the story.  I can see how character relationships will continue to develop, where the action of the story will go from here.  And while I still plan to do extensive research over the coming week or so, once again I know I won’t be able to resist the urge to resume writing for long.

The next 1-2 months will be hectic for me.  For as long as I make it through Pitch Wars, no doubt Wide Horizon will occupy the bulk of my attention, as I work with potential mentors and, hopefully, an eventual mentor (or co-mentors).  Even after Pitch Wars, in the likely event I do not find a mentor (or the even more likely event I don’t impress an agent), for a while Wide Horizon will continue to be my primary focus once again, as I strive to finally get my debut novel to print.

But the story of the Samarkand colonists and the crew of the Susan Constant is far from over.  Writing this story has been a thrilling experience.  I feel I’ve grown a lot as a writer in just the past few months, and I’ve come to a better understanding of just what I’m capable of.  And through it all I’ve enjoyed the elation that comes from seeing one of my most treasured stories come to life at last.

My output may slow over the coming months, but rest assured it shows no signs of stopping.  I doubt I could stop even if I wanted to, and I do not.  Besides, while September and October may belong to Wide Horizon, with November comes NaNoWriMo.  Perhaps, this year, I’ll finally find a story I can run with, and sprint toward the finish with my fellow novelists.

Until then, wish me luck, read on, and now as ever, dare to dream. – MK


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