Writer’s Desk

After a productive week, I’m eager to see what this week has in store.  I have a lot to do, but I feel like I could tackle anything right now.

The Dotiverse

Naturally, this week my primary focus once again will be Pathfinder short fiction.  I’m glad I’ve done this; with each passing day, with every word, I’m learning more about this richly-detailed future I’ve created.

While it’s nice finding something new to right every day, this week I’d really like to tie up some of the loose threads I’ve left lying about.  By completing the stories I’ve started thus far, I’d double the number of viable manuscripts I currently have on hand.  And given the positive feedback I’ve received of late, I’m itching for a fresh round of submissions.

In particular, I’d really like to finish both SILOS and Ganymede.  The latter may end up here on the webpage.  Speaking of which…

New Content

On Friday, I plan to publish this month’s short fiction piece to the website.  I’m not yet certain what that piece will be, but I currently have two stories awaiting revision, and am close to completing at least six more.  One of those will be up by Friday.


This is the week.  After a solid week working on short fiction, I plan to get back to Pathfinder.  I’m not sure how much of what I’ve written thus far will stick around; though I fear falling into the First Chapter Trap, where one keeps writing and rewriting and re-rewriting the beginning of a story, I need to get this right.  I feel very good about what I’ve written recently; I feel that I’ve finally found my voice.  To that end, it may be best to make a fresh start of it, and give Pathfinder the treatment it deserves.

The first chapters are always the hardest.  Hopefully, if I can slog my way through the first two, I’ll be able to slip into a rhythm, and the story will finally take off.

Wide Horizon

And lastly, it’s high time I got around to finishing my query letter.  I had originally intended to have query letters out before the end of 2017.  While I do not regret taking some time away to work on new things, I hate the feeling of having Wide Horizon languish.  It’s time to put my letter together, find some agents, and show the world what I’ve got, for better or for worse.

I have a busy week ahead, but I’m enjoying the way things are shaping up at the moment.  It should be an interesting week.

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