Astonishing Tales!

With a new year comes new opportunities, new challenges, and of course new endeavors.  To that end, I’m pleased to announce a new project: a collection of short stories, to be self-published on Amazon.  Welcome to Astonishing Tales!

In the mid-20th Century, science fiction was just beginning to emerge as a major genre of literary fiction, bolstered in part by rapid advances in science that made space travel possible.  With the ability to travel through space came curiosity, and the great masters of science fiction, the likes of Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, and Frank Herbert, helped to elevate science fiction to a true form of art.

While these men transformed science fiction into a lofty genre, for some of them the inspiration to write came from an unlikely source: pulp fiction magazines.  Much of the early work of science fiction took the form of short fiction pieces published in pulp magazines (like Amazing Stories, a cover of which is shown above).  The content of the stories was often fanciful, even hokey.  Many dismissed them as “trash”.  Yet some, including Isaac Asimov, found inspiration in their pages.

Astonishing Tales! is intended as something of a homage to these early science fiction pioneers.  The collection will include a series of short stories covering various subgenres of science fiction, ranging from hard sci-fi to works bordering on the paranormal.  Each, however, will have a story to tell and a lesson to impart.

Much work remains to be done; it’s safe to say this project is yet in its infancy.  For starters, I’ll need to significantly boost my short fiction output to produce a respectable stable of short fiction pieces (this in addition to resuming work on my work in progress, as well as seeking publication for Wide Horizon).  However, I feel the extra work will be worth it, to be able to see my work in print, and put it in the hands of readers the world over.

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