Writer’s Desk

Hello, dreamers.  I’ve not been overly busy with writing of late, as I’ve been busy with my day job.  With thinks calming down, however, I intend to throw myself back into my writing, and I have some exciting things coming.

Wide Horizon

Now there’s a title that doesn’t pop up much these days.  Nearly a year after finishing my debut novel, I am now preparing to take the final steps toward publication.

Among these is the writing of a syllabus, which has proven to be an odd experience.  After taking two years to say something, I now have to say it again in about five minutes.  It’s an interesting experience trying to distill a 143,000 word novel into a brief summary one page in length.  Nonetheless, I feel fairly good about my first draft, and will be tweaking it as I go.  I will soon begin work on my query letter, in preparation for editing, which will begin around May 31.  After that point, the editing process will likely occupy the majority of my writing efforts for the coming month or two, so I’ve decided to begin a new, less intense project to work on in the interim…

Astonishing Tales!

This idea came to me rather suddenly this past weekend, but I think it will prove to be an excellent project to play around with while editing.  As some of my more dedicated readers may remember, Astonishing Tales is a project of long standing; a short fiction piece focused on a science fiction writer for the eponymous Astonishing Tales magazine.  Well, this past weekend I began toying around with the idea of self-publishing a collection of my short stories.  It would be e-book only, of course, and fairly inexpensive, but it would allow me to share my work with a broad audience and make money in the process.

The book would contain a mix of stories previously published here as well as original pieces, including a few stories currently in progress.


Among the pieces I intend to include in Astonishing Tales! is Focus.  One of my personal favorites, Focus was the first short story I wrote specifically for my online readers.  While the concept worked very well, there were certain shortcomings, certain gaps, and I never really felt I did it justice.  Thus, lately I’ve been revisiting the story, with the intent of first re-publishing it on the site, and later including it in the collection.


Work on Pathfinder will almost certainly slow in the coming month, as I shift focus back to Wide Horizon for the first time since its completion.  To me, that only means it’s vital to get a great deal of work in this week.  I will be redoubling my efforts, in hopes of making serious headway on my rewrite before pausing for the Wide Horizon edit.

Going Dark

Could this be the story that finally gets me published?  After a couple of rejections, this week I heard back from Pseudopod with regards to Going Dark.  The editor who responded liked the story, and suggested that, while it would be a poor fit for Pseudopod, it would go well in their sister publication, Escape Pod, which focuses more on science fiction.  He had a few changes he’d like me to make beforehand, which I will be doing this week.  This might be it!

Well, that’s mostly it for this week, dreamers.  Look for a return to my weekly posts by the end of the week, and as always, dare to dream.


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