The Junk Drawer

Hello, dreamers.  Another week, another visit to the Junk Drawer.  Here are the side projects I’m working on right now:


Now here’s one I haven’t mentioned in a while.  

For the uninitiated, Farworlds is among my oldest story ideas.  Set in an alternative history in which the Roman Empire never fell, Farworlds chronicles the struggle between the Roman Empire, which has evolved over time into the Interstellar Republic, and the people of a band of outer colonies known as the Farworlds.

I have a detailed backstory for what I intend to be an eventual series.  The eponymous Farworlds are a series of early human colonies that banded together in the hopes of shrugging off Terran rule.  They lost, and as punishment the Farworlders were stripped not only of citizenship but also their status as human.  Essentially, all of the Farworlds were transformed into labor planets where the inhabitants worked as slaves, strip mining their own worlds to fuel the expansion of the ISR.  

Taking a page from George Lucas’s playbook, the first installment takes place about halfway through the story.  At this point, it has been roughly fifty years since a group of Farworlds warlords who had toppled the ISR were themselves overthrown by a trio of former IS Legion generals.  These men now rule a series of galaxies as a triumvirate, presiding over a government far more militaristic and oppressive than the Republic had been.

The story begins with a government-sanctioned freighter captain being hijacked by smugglers, who are revealed to be members of a growing Farworlds resistance.  Ultimately, the story will follow this small ensemble as they engage in a desperate and unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Triumvirate.


I’ve been giving this one a lot of thought recently.  I’ve been rewatching Continuum of late, which deals with a dystopian cyberpunk future not unlike the setting of Memorase, and it’s given me a few ideas.  Most notably, I’ve considered making the main character a detective, rather than an artist as originally planned.

The Inheritors

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by a new idea I’d decided not long ago in my backstory for The Inheritors: the idea of a war fought in both the physical and virtual worlds.  

It bears out logically that a species of sentient machines, whose minds are linked to a common network, would seek to eliminate enemies by erasing their programming.  A backstory element I’ve devised, dubbed the Machine War, deals with such an event and its aftermath.  Essentially, in attempting to erase one another, the two sides in the war succeed in deleting vast amounts of their collective memory. in effect, the machines erase their memory of their own history.

That’s all for this week, dreamers.  Not much activity in the Junk Drawer this week owing to my focus on reworking Pathfinder, but that, I think, is for the best.  Keep reading, and keep dreaming.


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