Writer’s Desk

Hello, dreamers.  A short week ahead, leading up to the holiday, but still plenty to do.


This will not be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is, is it?

The rewrite of Pathfinder is going slowly, but well.  My original story began strong, but quickly digressed and lost direction.  Now, my first task is to rein it all in, abandoning pointless scenes and superfluous characters.  It’s going well thus far, and hopefully this approach will continue to yield a more streamlined, poignant story.

Pathfinder Short Fiction

It’s been a long-standing plan of mine to accompany each installment of “Pale Blue Dot” with 3-5 short stories, and thus work on Pathfinder short fiction has resumed.  Recently, I began work on a totally new story, Icebreaker, which takes place aboard an asteroid mining vessel known as an M-ROC.

Wide Horizon 

It begins!  This week, I will be perfecting my synopsis, in preparation for crafting my query letter.  A daunting prospect, to be sure, but a necessary step toward publication.

That’s the main focus this week, dreamers.  Watch for a special piece posting Saturday night, and as always, dare to dream.


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