Writer’s Desk

Hello, dreamers.  March was a wonderful month, but now it’s time to move forward.  On we go…


There is much to be done.  After taking time to recharge, it’s time once again to work on my next novel.  My overall concept for Pathfinder has changed drastically, but for the best, I believe.

While there will surely be extensive rewriting, I truly believe the result will be a far better story, and one that will serve as a better first installment for the series to come.  I plan to focus more on character development, and refocus on the core themes of exploration and conservation.  It will not be easy, it will take time, but I truly believe it will be worth it.

Wide Horizon

Now there’s a title that hasn’t appeared in my weekly posts in a while.  However, the time has come to move forward with my first novel.  In roughly a month, my editor will finally be able to work on Wide Horizon.  The process may take a while, but nonetheless now is the time to prepare to seek publication.  

There’s a lot of work left to do.  I’ve already begun my short synopsis (though I feel it still needs work).  I will need to craft a suitable query letter, and hopefully by the time I am sending out said letter I will have at least one short story published.  More to come…

The Panel

Though Short Fiction Month is over, I don’t plan on abandoning my short stories.  In addition to completing The Spaceman, I plan to pursue a new idea.

The Panel will be a dystopian science fiction story.  Set in the not-so-distant future, the story takes place in a world where global warming has led to the melting of the ice caps, runaway greenhouse effect and widespread famine.  In the wake of worsening resource shortages, the world’s major governments begin a practice of enforced euthanasia.  The story will revolve around a man appearing before a panel of individuals who seek to evaluate his usefulness to society.

There’s a lot more to come, dreamers.  Keep reading, and keep dreaming.


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