Short Story Saturday

Hello, dreamers.  As I’ve designated March as Short Fiction Month 2017, needless to say I had a busy Short Story Saturday this week.  Here’s what’s coming down the pipe right now:

Astonishing Tales

Here’s one I hadn’t worked on in a while.  Astonishing Tales arose from an idea I’d had for a short story a while back, and is perhaps a slightly autobiographical.

Astonishing Tales is the story of Perry Moore, an aspiring science fiction writer working for a sci-fi literary magazine, the eponymous “Astonishing Tales”.  The story follows Perry’s creative process, as one by one stories are conceived, begun, and then scrapped while he  suffers from writer’s block.  These stories within a story are interspersed with Perry’s ruminations on the challenges of writing.


 Now this was unexpected.  

As some of my readers might be aware, for some time I’ve had a novel idea called The Inheritors, following the exploits of a race of artificial life forms native to Earth, who rose to dominance after the end of man.

Quite accidentally, I seem to have written the backstory to all of this.  Rectifier is the story of the end of man’s time on Earth, and the subsequent rise of the machines.

This rise, which occurs through the actions of the first self-aware program, known as the Rectifier.

The story is complete, but will need some revision.  I’m also as yet uncertain as to whether this will become a short story in its own right, or the introduction to The Inheritors.


Yet another product of my recent flurry of writing, Nine is a science fiction action story, set on a distant alien planet in the far future.

The story revolves around two characters, Arshi (short for Èrshí’èr, Mandarin for 22), and Chu (Anglicization of Jiǔ, Mandarin for nine) as they flee through the forest.  A fascinating story, needless to say, though I’m curious as to where it goes.

The Stakeout

 Another unexpected story.  What started as a simple account of a police stakeout turned into a grim commentary ontbe heroine epidemic.  Should be interesting to see how this one turns out.

Water on Mars

This one began as a writing prompt, months ago.  Haven’t given up yet.

Well, that’s all for this week, dreamers.  Until next time, as always, dare to dream.


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