The Junk Drawer

Hello again, dreamers.  Another week, another Friday spent rummaging through the Junk Drawer.  My focus may be short fiction at the moment, but it’s nice to make time for my novels.


After finishing a thoroughly disquieting scene, I’ve since moved on to a chapter currently entitled “Aftermath”, in which the death of a main character is dealt with.  I have found it fulfilling to return to this rather unique format: the two computer programs controlling the ship having a conversation.  It will be interesting to see exactly where this leads.

The Inheritors

I still haven’t started writing this one, but it’s getting close.  It’s a fascinating story, though over the past few months I’ve learned the dangers of starting to write a novel without at least a vague direction.  We will see what happens.  Lately, I’ve begun watching the TV series Humans, which might help to provide some insight.

That’s all for this week, dreamers. Naturally, my novel writing has taken the back burner of late, but fret not; March will not last forever.  Until it ends, as always, dare to dream.


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