Short Fiction Month 2017

Hello, dreamers.  I’ve hit upon a rather unorthodox idea lately.  I’m not quite sure how this will work out, but I’ve decided to go with it.

For reasons I honestly cannot explain, I’ve found that every year since I began writing in earnest I’ve hit my stride with short fiction in March.  Most years, it seems, my SF writing peaks in March and runs through April, and generally from April up until the holidays my novels tend to get a workout.  Well, it’s march once again, and yet again I’ve hit my stride.

As my short fiction has severely languished over the past few months, and this seems to be my best time of the year for it, I’ve decided to make March my personal Short Fiction Month.

Every year, starting with this one, I will post a short story every week of the month of March.  As I already posted At the End last week, I just need one for this week…and every following week of the month.

My writing output tends to be highest every March, yet if I do say so myself I’ve placed a herculean feat before myself.  After all, publishing a written piece anywhere, even here on WordPress, requires not only writing, but careful editing and revising.  Essentially, I will be giving my self a week at a time to take a piece of short fiction (at least 1200 words, by my standards) from concept to finished manuscript, and post it for all the world to see.  Some of it might be a bit…unpolished.  However, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  This will be a yearly test of my ability to write on a deadline, under pressure.  It will be a yearly yardstick for how good I am not merely as a writer, but indeed as an author.

I hope that this will also prove to be something that my readers look forward to each year.  Wish me luck, dreamers, and look for the next piece of short fiction tomorrow.


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