Writer’s Desk

Hello, dreamers.  It’s been a while since I posted one of these.  Lately I’ve been busy, and indeed it’s felt as though my life has been in a state of flux.  As such, my writing has been directionless…I’ve found myself flitting from idea to idea, putting out a paragraph here, a paragraph there.  It’s time for that to change.  It’s time to reboot, and get back to my craft.  This will be the week.

Back to the Basics

It all started with my daily sketches.  Every time I’ve gone on a good run with my writing, it started with a good week of daily writing.  It broadens my writing, stirs my creativity.  So, this week, I plan to start by taking a step back from my projects, all of them, and going back to my sketches.


Lately, I’ve felt that my main project has once again lost direction.  I don’t feel that it moves well, that every part of the story serves to move the story forward.  As such, I’m planning a major rewrite.  Plans are in place, and indeed much of what I’ve already written will likely be discarded.  I feel I’ve been rushing; Wide Horizon had me spoiled, in a way, accustomed to simply plowing through chapter after chapter.

As much as I enjoy reading hard science fiction, I had never really stopped to consider the monumental challenge of writing it.  Each scene must be carefully thought out, infused with imagery rooted firmly in scientific fact.  I’ve done a great deal of background research.  I need to endeavor to work that into every scene, to produce the sense of realism I’m striving for.


Grim as the story may be, with this new direction in my writing, I feel that Ashes will come to be something of an outlet.  Here is a story less dependent on meticulous detail, driven instead by character development and suspense.  As such, I plan to continue my writing.  I may well find Ashes complete long before Pathfinder, though time alone will tell.

Short Fiction 

It’s safe to say that amidst so many competing novel projects my short fiction has languished.  I need to get back at it.  I’d like to wrap up several stories of long standing, and as for my current manuscripts, I’d say a fresh round of submissions is in order.

It’s time to get back to work, dreamers.  I need to put myself out there, and embrace my identity as a writer.  Keep reading, and now more than ever, dare to dream.


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