Short Story Saturday

Hello, dreamers, and welcome back to Short Story Saturday.  I didn’t do too much with my short stories (more on that later), but I dare say I accomplished a thing or two.

-While it didn’t happen today, I’m pleased to report that during the past week I completed my first draft of Going Dark.  Lately it seems I’ve struck gold with sci-fi horror…a self revelation I’m not fully comfortable with.  Nonetheless, it’s always gratifying to wrap on a project you are confident in, and I’ve dove precisely that.  Over the coming days I will be revising this new story, with publication (hopefully) to follow.

-I managed over a page of The Spaceman today, which I’m happy about.  Thus far, the story has already ballooned to over 3,000 words (I prefer to keep my short fiction under 2,500), but some things just need to be said.  This story is, I feel, an increasingly urgent one, and I refuse to cut it off before it’s said its peace.  This is a story with something vital to say, and I feel that as of today I’m finally saying it.
That’s all for this week, dreamers. There will be more to follow, most certainly, but for now, dare to dream.


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