Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers, and welcome to 2017.  This promises to be a big year for my writing; projects to work on, short stories to shop around, and seeking publication for Wide Horizon.  First things first, however.  Here’s what’s in store for this week:

-With Wide Horizon completed, converted, and shipped off to my editor, Pathfinder will now command my full attention.  Prior to my holiday hiatus, I’d finally hit my stride again with this novel, and I’m eager to resume writing.  In addition to the current chapter, I plan to continue work on a recent scene, “Abhishek”, which introduces both the current leader of Earth and a political subplot that will cover several chapters of part one.

-With Pathfinder as my curt novel project, my Junk Drawer days will now be devoted to other projects.  Of late, I’ve been focused on Ashes, a recent idea involving the colonization of an alien world.  However, I’ve also made progress recently on a story of long-standing, recently renamed Breakers.

-My focus on short fiction over the holidays yielded remarkable progress, and I am now nearing completion of several works.  This week, I hope to finish at least one of them, likely either The Spaceman or Going Dark.

That should do it for now.  Keep watching for new content, and as always, dare to dream.


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