Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  I do hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday, and that the fun won’t end until the year expires.  As the holidays continue, I intend to keep taking things slow, enjoying a welcome respite.  That being said, writing should be fun, and I must admit that of late I’ve learned to enjoy writing again.  Here’s what’s in store for this holiday week:

-I truly believe that I’ve at last found my voice with Pathfinder.  I haven’t felt this good about the story since the first chapter, which I still believe to be my finest work to date.  After completing a somewhat meandering chapter that will likely be subject to heavy revision, I have at last begun a vitally important chapter in which the crew is introduced, and it is going exactly as I’d hoped.  I am excited to resume work this week, and that feeling in and of itself is a treat.

-As Wide Horizon has now been converted to manuscript format, I have turned it over to the (hopefully) gentle ministrations of Lauren, my editor.  And now, we wait…

-As with last week, my focus this week will be short fiction.  I still have several outstanding projects, notably The Impostor and The Spaceman, though I’d enjoy putting in some work on a few projects of longer standing.  Despite that, I feel much of my focus will fall upon my newest idea.

Going Dark is a sci-fi psychological thriller, featuring a female protagonist.  The action revolves around the main character’s fear of strange shadow creatures, referred to only as “Them”, who she believes have killed off her crew one by one, their aggression discouraged only by an open comm signal.  I’ll refrain from posting any spoilers here, but suffice to say the action as well as the ending will leave the reader wondering whether “They” are real, or figments of the protagonist’s radiation-damaged brain.

That does it for this week, dreamers.  Keep watch for updates, enjoy your holiday, and as always, dare to dream.

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