Writer’s Desk

Happy holidays, dreamers.  Due to the holiday, I plan on making this week a fairly light week, but there will still be more writing before the end of the year.

My primary focus this week will be Wide Horizon.  It’s high time that I finished converting the novel to manuscript, especially given that I will likely be turning it over to my editor this week.  As such, I will be working hard to get the novel fully converted, ideally by Wednesday.  Based on this time frame, I should still meet my deadline of seeking publication by the end of the year.

While I may try to put a few hours in on Pathfinder this week, in the interest of keeping things light, I will likely be focusing on short fiction.  I have several short fiction projects of long standing that would benefit from increased attention, and ultimately my goal will be to finish one of these stories before Christmas.

That, such as it is, is my plan for the week.  Until then, as always, dare to dream.

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