Short Story Saturday

With the end of college football comes the return of Short Story  Saturdays.  Here’s what I worked on this week:

I wrote out another few paragraphs of The Impostor: a short story about an android posing as a human.  I continue to find this story intriguing, as it offers me the unique opportunity to view humanity from the outside looking in.  It’s a remarkable opportunity.

I also worked on another short story this week.  Choices is a rather dark story about an astronaut forced to sacrifice a group of fellow astronauts to save his own space station.  Over the coming week, I will be looking over the various daily sketches I’ve done this year, looking at those sketches that could eventually be expanded into short stories.  More to follow.

That pretty much does it for this week, dreamers.  There will be more to follow shortly.  Until then, as always, dare to dream.


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