Weekly Review

It’s been a rewarding week, dreamers.  I feel that I’m finally hitting my stride again, and couldn’t be more grateful.

-I couldn’t be more pleased to say that I have at last made new progress on Pathfinder.  What was originally a scene I’d considered a dead end has instead taken on a life of its own, and yielded an exciting new character in the process.  More to come on that, but I dare say this new character is the best female character I’ve created since Penance in Wide Horizon.

I also finally managed to finish a scene of long standing.  The scene, which takes place during the Challenger‘s long journey to Vega 6, is crucial to the story, as it helps to develop the character of Randall Holmes.

-I managed to finish a short story this week.  Odyssey is a somewhat dark story of the lone survivor of a failed extrasolar colony.

-I’ve also made progress on my final edits of Wide Horizon.  As of now, I’m roughly halfway through part 1.  Progress has been slower than I’d like, but given the progress I’ve made on other projects, it’s hard to be disappointed.  

Well, that’s all for this week, dreamers.  It may not sound like much, but work is often slow going  when dealing with a case of writer’s block.  I feel very encouraged by the way things have gone this week, and am looking forward to the next.  Until then, dare to dream.

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