Writer’s Desk

Well, that was an enjoyable holiday.  I took an extended break from writing, motivated in part by illness, but with numerous projects in progress and the year rapidly expiring, it’s time I got back to work.  Here’s what’s in store for this week:

-I’ve been feeling better about Pathfinder lately, and I believe this week I will be able to resume writing in earnest.  While I have several scenes outstanding, I feel the best approach will be to resume work chronologically.  As such, I hope to continue, and ultimately finish, the current chapter by the end of the week.

-The more I read through Wide Horizon, the more I feel I’ve done nearly as much as I can with it.  There are still several passages of dialogue I plan to revisit, but overall I feel confident in what I have accomplished.  Thus, I plan to finish beta edits and convert to final manuscript format by Friday.

-I have several exciting short stories I’m working on.  While it was gratifying to finish Odyssey this past week, ideally I would like to finish at least one more story this week.  I also hope to have at least a few manuscripts ready to send out by the end of the week.

That’s the plan for this week, dreamers.  Keep checking back for further updates.  And as always, dare to dream.


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