Short Story Sunday

It’s Sunday, and that means a day of long work on short subjects.  I’d like to think I had a productive day this week. -My focus today was, yet again, a new idea.  The Spaceman began this past week as a daily sketch, but quickly took on a life of its own. The story revolves around […]

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The Inheritors

One of my latest story ideas was inspired by recent comments from a member of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), suggesting that most intelligent aliens might be artificial life forms. That got me to thinking…  From the engineering perspective, we organic life forms are rather arrestingly inefficient machines. So many redundant and useless systems, […]

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The Field

The season has ended.  The dust has settled, the stands have emptied, and the bats and balls and well-worn caps put away until next year.  Our national pastime is placed on a shelf, there to gather dust for another dark winter, until with the spring the boys of summer return, and we can hear the […]

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All along he’d known something strange was happening to him, yet he’d felt powerless for years though he’d held all the power. Now, knowing it was there, he harnessed it. In his mind, he could hear the proctor’s voice. Focus.

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