Writer’s Desk

Hello, dreamers, and welcome to the Writer’s Desk: a weekly post to keep you updated on what I’m up to each week.  Here, I will lay out my plans for all current writing projects for the coming week.  Here’s what’s happening right now:

-At long last, beta reading for Wide Horizon will end this week.  Once I’ve received all feedback from my beta readers, I will begin my final edits, followed by final conversion to manuscript format.  Realistically, I expect my final edits to take about a week, and given past experience I can expect manuscript formatting to take about that long.

Once the formatting is complete, I will be writing my synopses and crafting a query letter, before finally sending the novel out for publishing.  Hard to believe…

-Work continues on my next novel, Pathfinder, however it’s been slow going of late.  Over the past month, writing has slowed; this past week was my most productive in quite some time, and only yielded one page.  Hopefully, my participation in NaNoWriMo will spur my creativity.  In addition to the novel itself, I’m working on several scenes intended to flesh out the later chapters, and provide a roadmap of sorts.  That approach worked well for Wide Horizon.  Hopefully it will work again.

-I have several new short stories in progress.  While I’m generally reticent to take on new projects when others have languished, sometimes you have to write what you’re feeling, and as my focus has shifted more toward my preferred genre, I feel comfortable pursuing this new direction.  

One story in particular has me excited: Odyssey, a science fiction story set aboard a long-abandoned space station.  After starting as just another daily sketch, Odyssey quickly took on a life of its own, and I’m eager to see where it will take me next.

That’s all for now, dreamers.  At some point this week, I intend to finally post an introduction to Pathfinder.  Until then, as always, dare to dream. – MK


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