Writer’s Desk

Hello again, dreamers.  Big things are happening this week, and I’m excited for what lies ahead.  Here’s what’s in store for this week:

-With beta reading of Wide Horizon complete, I am ready to begin my final round of edits.  Early in the week I’ll be compiling my beta notes and reviewing feedback, before combining through the novel word by word, making all final adjustments.

After that, I’ll be slogging through the tedious work of converting the master file to manuscript format.  Realistically, that will likely take me to the end of the week, though I’d love to at least start writing my synopses by Sunday.  Time alone will tell.

-While Wide Horizon will likely occupy the bulk of my time this week, I remain dedicated to resuming work on Pathfinder in earnest.  At the very least, I hope to complete a scene this week, and will most likely focus on the climactic scene “Sun, Sand, and Hope”.  With that scene complete, hopefully I’ll have a better feel for both the characters and the overall direction of the story.

-On Friday I will, hopefully, have a productive (if exhausting) week of writing to look back upon, and I intend to reward myself by allowing myself to play around with some of my most recent ideas.  My focus will likely be two recent dystopian concepts: Ashes and The Inheritors.  Both are fascinating concepts born of recent research, and I’m eager to see where these fresh ideas will take me.

-On Sunday, I hope to finally finish one of my recent short story projects, likely either Odyssey or The Impostor.  After starting so many new stories of late, I feel it would be gratifying to finally see one of these ideas through to the end.

I will likely be posting additional background on Pathfinder over the course of the week as well, so keep watching, keep reading, and as always, dare to dream.


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