The Junk Drawer

Hello again, dreamers.  Time to rummage once more through the Junk Drawer.  Here’s what I worked on this week:

-I continue to find myself intrigued by Ashes.  Not since Wide Horizon have I found myself so captivated by a post-apocalyptic story idea.

I’ve begun working on character development.  At this point, I know little about the primary human characters, aside from deciding that, as they learn about human history, they will ultimately choose to name themselves after classic rock musicians (Axl, Eric, John, Janis, etc.).  I have, however, come up with firm concepts for the two AIs responsible for the colonists’ upbringing.

The children will be raised by two principle AI characters.  The Mentor is a genial, nurturing program, responsible for their education.  The Minder, on the other hand, is a stern, somewhat ominous character responsible for seeing to their development and physical safety.  Though I’m hazy on the details at this point, I have decided that, as part of their coming-of-age, the colonists will be forced to destroy one of their AI caretakers.  I’ve yet to decide which; while the Minder would be the obvious choice, having the children destroy the Mentor might make for a more interesting story. More to come next week.

-Though I’ve yet to write it, I have a firm idea for a pivotal scene in Beyond.  The scene will formally introduce the story’s main antagonists, the Black Hats, And their leader, Mr. Gayle.  

Mr. Gayle is the first new character I’ve come up with for the story since I began concept work, and I find him intriguing.  Based loosely on Reed Diamond’s portrayal of Daniel Whitehall on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the character is something of a caricature of 1950s authority figures, and alternates fluidly between disarmingly father-like and casually threatening, which makes him a deeply unsettling character; perfect for a good villain.

That does it for the Junk Drawer this week.  Until tomorrow, dare to dream.


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