Short Story Sunday

When working on a novel, it’s easy to allow one’s other projects languish.  A good novel project will consume a writer, but I’ve found that it’s both productive and healthy to take time out to pursue other ideas.

As such, I try to set aside one day a week to work exclusively on short fiction.  Normally I do this on Saturdays, but during college football season, I give myself a day off writing each week to enjoy the games.  Thus, Sunday is short story day.  Here are one of the projects I’m working on right now:

-It’s been a month of fresh ideas for me.  One such idea began recently as one of my daily sketches.

Odyssey is a science fiction story; the first new story idea in my preferred genre I’ve had in quite some time.  The story revolves around a single, as-yet unnamed astronaut, the sole survivor of a manned mission to a planet orbiting a distant star.

Thus far, the story has progressed as far as the protagonist docking with, and reactivating a long-abandoned space station in orbit of the planet.  While I don’t know exactly how the story will progress from there, in a way that’s part of what makes it so exciting, and I’m eager to see where this idea takes me.

-Work continues on The Impostor: a science fiction story of an android posing as human.  It’s been a fascinating experience thus far, giving me a chance to provide some unique social commentary by viewing humanity from the outside.

-Several projects of long standing have languished over the past few months, most notably The Sarcophagus, a fictional account of several Soviet nuclear energy technicians trapped inside the reactor complex at Chernobyl.  I intend to revisit these projects next week.  Another project, The Ocean, was originally intended for revision and expansion in preparation for being entered into one of several end-of-the-year short fiction competitions.  Sadly, I likely won’t have time to complete work before the deadlines due to my participation in NaNoWriMo 2016.  As such, The Ocean will likely be placed on the back burner.

-Though a lot can change in the coming weeks, I am tentatively planning to revise and expand Faces, a science fiction project of long standing, for use as my December online story.  Though I have several other stories in progress that would work, I hope to continue limiting my fiction posts to science fiction.

-Several projects have been shelved.  One of them, Spanish Harlem, was difficult to put away, as it was fun to write.  However, the story, which takes place at an Italian-run service station in the late 1950s, uses racially-insensitive language in abundance.  While this language was used in the interest of historical accuracy, given the current political climate I feel it is in poor taste, and have abandoned the story indefinitely.

That does it for Short Story Sunday thus week, dreamers.  Watch for the Writer’s Desk later tonight, and as always, dare to dream.


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