Short Story Sunday

It’s Sunday, and that means a day of long work on short subjects.  I’d like to think I had a productive day this week.

-My focus today was, yet again, a new idea.  The Spaceman began this past week as a daily sketch, but quickly took on a life of its own.

The story revolves around a family of extraterrestrials, roughly as technologically advanced as we are now, whose lives change in an instant when an alien spacecraft crash-lands near their farm.  Upon examining the wreckage, they discover that a single being survived the crash: a human.  From there, the story follows the family’s efforts to help their “alien” visitor (whom they take to referring to as “the spaceman”).

I really like this story so far, not only for the entertaining role reversal (humans crash-landing on an alien farm), but also for the potential for social commentary.  The story will, ultimately, serve as a cautionary tale; a critique of how we deal with immigrants, foreigners, and indeed all those who fall outside of our personal concept of “normal”.  In showing how an alien government treats a human crash survivor, I invite the reader to consider how we treat those who find themselves helpless and alone in our country.

Odyssey remains a major focus of mine.  I really like the concept, both for the setting and the fact that it begins with a solitary character and a mystery.  I am, however, pausing on this one for a moment to settle some framing and style issues moving forward.  The imagery I’ve managed so far makes me feel this one has serious potential, and I owe it to myself to give this story my best effort.

-Upon looking over my current stories, I’ve come to an unfortunate conclusion: I have far too many projects in progress right now.  As such, I plan to cull my projects over the coming week, throwing a few that have languished onto the shelf so as to focus on the ideas I’m really feeling.  It’s sad, but necessary; one of the greatest struggles most writers face is maintaining focus.  It’s a constant balancing act: allowing yourself the freedom to pursue new creative avenues while trying to focus on well-founded concepts to produce finished works.

That does it for this week’s edition of Short Story Sunday.  The Writer’s Desk will be coming later this evening.  Until then, dare to dream.


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